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"Triptych I" - performed by Tom

This piece was released as part of Moderna Record's 2020 Summer single series

"King's Cross, After Dark" - performed by Eliot

This piece may be imagined as a reflection on the tranquility that descends on the famous central London station when the day is over and the city sleeps. So much of musical, and of course other forms of inspiration derive from external stimuli: the rhythm of a walking pace, the fortunate colliding of harmonious street noise - for something musical to emerge out of the “noise” requires a silence, space for inner workings from which phrases and patterns come into view, newfangled by the inadequacy of memory. No doubt the upright piano that graces the station concourse must play a subliminal role in the piece’s conception, and it is no stretch of the mind to imagine the piece wafting through the station’s cavernous space...

"New Moon" - performed by Tom

...the opening track on the album "Collage"...

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